Sitech Tri-Rivers Supply List

Survey Products

Part # Description
WS-1218 1" X 2" X 18" Wood Lath Stake 50/Bndl
WS-1236 1" X2" X 36" Wood Lath Stake 50/Bndl
WS-228H 2" X 2" X 8" Hubs 100/Bag
WS-2212H 2" X 2" X 12" Hubs 50/Bndl
W6-B Blue Stake Whiskers
W6-O Orange Stake Whiskers
W6-P Pink Stake Whiskers
W6-R Red Stake Whiskers
Wire Flags 15", 21", 24"& 30" Various Colors 100/Bndl
Flagging Tape - Variety of Colors
Tack Balls
Mag Nails 3/4",1",1-1/4",1-1/2",2",2-1/2" - 100/Bx
Mag Spikes - 3/8"X3" & 3/8"X6"
Mag Hubs - 4", 6" & 8" - 100/BX & 30Lb Box
Aervoe Survey Paint - All Popular Colors
244 Aervoe 14" Spot Marking Paint Applicator
245 Aervoe 34" Marking Stick Paint Applicator
Surveyor Safety Vests
Field Books
Daily Log Books
Gammon Reels
Plumb Bobs
25' Measuring Tapes - Ft/In, Tenths
33' Measuring Tapes - Ft/In, Tenths
200' Tape Reels - Ft/In, Tenths
300' Tape Reels - Ft/In, Tenths
Measuring Wheels - Various Sizes

Lasers, Auto Levels, Tripods & Grade Rods

Part # Description
LL300 Laser Level w/receiver
LL400 Laser Level w/Receiver
LL500 Lase Level w/Receiver
GL412 Laser Level, Single Slope, w/Receiver
GL422 Laser Level, Dual Slope, w/Receiver
GL612 Laser Level, Single Slope, w/Receiver
GL622 Laser Level, Dual Slope, w/Receiver
DG613 Pipe Laser
DG813 Pipe Laser
AL24M Auto Level 24X
AL28M Auto Level 28X
AL32A Auto Level 32X
Aluminum Tripods, Quick Release & Wing Knob
Wood/Fiberglass Tripods
Tri-Max Fiberglass Tripods
Aluminum & Fiberglass Elevating Tripods
Grade Rods : Aluminum and Fiberglass 16', 20' & 25'
Ft/Inches or Tenths